Our Pendants

A companion for courage, strength and confidence

Protection and power for you and your favorite people 

Selection of power animals and symbols

Design and manufacture of your individual jewelry highly welcome

Pig              Dig deeper !

Rabbit         Be fearless !

Horse          Be wild and free !

Cat               Discover yourself !

Dog              Have faith !

Coming soon

When I look into my pet’s eyes, I see a friend and companion, my very own soulsoother.

Your pet in a pendant or a dog tag.

Everything is possible.


Owl                      Know yourself !

Raven                  Transform !

Squirrel              Break free !

Bat                       Be attentive !

Wolf                    Be watchful !

Princess                Fall down, straighten crown, get up..

Unicorn                 Be a unicorn !

Humming-bird    No easy way… 

Dragon                  True courage grows…

Llama                      Smile !

Elephant               Let’s go !

Frog                      Evolve yourself !

Butterfly               Let go !

Tortoise               Take your time !

Delfin                   Be playful !

Life And Death





Guardian Angel                  

All of our jewelry is handcrafted in our workshop. We exclusively use sterling silver 925/000 and upon request gold alloys 585/000 and higher.

We deliver our pendants with a lovingly designed and matching card in a gift box.

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